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To get started purchase the service of your choice. Send us a copy of your most recent credit bureau report or grant us access to your account on one of many popular credit check website and we can easy import your report into our credit repair platform. Below are a list of popular sites that offer free or trial based access to checking your credit.  

  • AnnualCreditReport.com (Free, once a year)

  • Credit Karma

  • Freescore.com

  • Identity IQ

  • Experian, Transunion and Equifax (requested free of charge direct from the bureau)

  • Scoresense.com

  • PrivacyGuard.com

  • Freecreditreport.com

Once we review your credit report we will consult with you and let you know what we can reasonably do to help you as well as give you information on how to improve your credit situation. GOOD CREDIT IS POSSIBLE!!!

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